The East Beach Festival is an open-air multicultural festival, with a carnival spirit and is coming to Shoeburyness. This Free event will take place over a 2-day period from;  Saturday, 13th – Sunday, 14th of August 2022, and this year will be marking the 60th  Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence

The Island of Jamaica is well known for its musical exports and its athletic talents. However, there is also a rich culture of Food, Art, and Dance, and there is nothing like experiencing that true authenticity for yourself.

The event (East Beach Festival) will encapsulate the true spirit of Jamaican and African Caribbean diaspora culture, infused with the local culture of South Essex, by the inclusion of cultural activities, music, entertainment and food from the local area, as well as visitor & tourism information on the city.  The East Beach Festival is geared towards the whole family. This will be a real multi-cultural, inter-generational family friendly festival in a beautiful beach location right by the sea in Essex.

The pre marketing flyer is attached to bring awareness to the event and we are inviting Business Nationally and Locally, to actively get involved to either purchase, Cabin stalls or become sponsors. If you would like to follow up on this in terms of how we can collaborate or to look at a bespoke sponsorship deal with you and best fit being involved, please do get in touch to show an expression of interest for the event.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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