Wilf Hohenkirk and Shirley Potter, Tutors

Steel Here Band

 Moving forward: Latest Information

Please note as we move forward, we want to ensure participants new and old will be able to
engage in the Steel Here Project to the best of their abilities.
To that end we will be structuring future classes as follows:

In order for SEACA to create a more sustainable future for the Steel Here Project please note, from 1st February 2022, SEACA will introduce weekly subs for the workshop sessions as follows:

Children £5.00 per week x 4 = £20.00 per month
Families with more than one child attending will be at the reduced rate of;
Per child £4.00 per week x 2 Children £8.00 = £32.00 per month
Adults; £8.00 per week x 4 = £32.00 per month.

The income will go towards supporting and funding, the hire of the venue, storage of the steel pan musical instruments and contributing towards tutor fees. The Steel Here Workshop sessions will run in term time only, initially. However, we aim to build towards creating extra bespoke sessions during the holiday break periods.

SEACA want to thank you for being a continued member and participant of the Steel Here Band and look forward to more exciting dates for the diary. As we build and grow the journey continues as Southend City’s first Community Steel Pan Band. We welcome volunteers, so please let us know if you can spare time to assist with facilitating the weekly sessions. We are always open to input and new ideas of how we move forward, so please don’t hesitate to let us know your views.

Let’s continue to amplify the beautiful sounds of the Steel Pans in Southend.


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